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Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful but hanging them can be a chore. If you're tired of searching for boxes and storage space to stow your lights for the year, why not just rent them instead? The cost of renting lights will save you untold amounts in the time and energy needed to remove, pack, and store them. Problem solved!

Arces Lawn Service & Landscape has a variety of options in bulb sizes, colors, shapes, and lengths. Whether you want Christmas icicle lights hanging from your windows or snowflakes dangling from the veranda railings, we have you covered. If you need help installing them, don’t worry! We’ll send over our installation experts who’ll take care of the installation for you. By the end of the day, your house will be lighting up the street, and passersby will be stopping to stare.

Lightning-Fast Christmas Light Installation

The team at Arces Lawn Service & Landscape is proud to say we’re lightning fast at decking your outdoor walls with hundreds of strings of lights. Whether you prefer a clean look with standard window and veranda lights, or you wait all year to turn your front yard into Santa’s Village, we can take care of it all in one day's time.

The holiday season is meant for relaxing, so take a load off and leave the taxing work to us! Give us a call today. We're eager to install a beautiful Christmas light display in your home

Affordable Christmas LED Light Rental

Design the look you want for your home this Holiday season, with a free quote from a seasonal lighting professional.

Save money this Holiday season by renting LED lights.

Our price includes

  • Hanging Christmas Lights
  • Remove Christmas Lights
  • Materials
  • Labor

Don't miss the opportunity to save money and make you house look great with Christmas lights.

Professional Decorators, Expert Christmas Light Installers

When you choose Arces Lawn Service & Landscape, you're choosing to hire trusted professionals with years of experience installing Christmas lights. We're happy to say every team member has mastered the art of Christmas decorating. After every house we decorate, our customers’ neighbors are sure to compliment them on a job well done!

Allow us to dispense our secret to success: we work with keen attention to detail and diligent oversight during the installation process, all blended with a creative touch. We can make your home stand out from the crowd and be the talk of the neighborhood.

We're only one phone call away and waiting to hear from you. Call now so we can turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

We're so confident in our work that your satisfaction is our guarantee. The only way to provide you with a service that fulfills your needs is to ask you what you want and deliver exactly that. From the moment we meet you, our focus will be on your vision for your property. We’ll ask you many questions, from what your budget is to what style of lights you need and what theme you’re going for.

Our installations are professional and safe. If you're looking for a Christmas light installation service, we’ll show up at your property with the appropriate equipment in hand to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If during the process, you want us to create a different design with the lights, we’ll be happy to adapt to your wishes. Our commitment is to you, and we intend to fulfill that commitment by being as responsive to you as we can.

Contact Arces Lawn Service & Landscape Today for Christmas Light Decorations

We only do installation according to our calendar, so don't hesitate and contact us to save you spot in our calendar.

Discover the benefits of our Christmas lights services this holiday season. We're confident you'll be pleased. Better yet, we guarantee it!
Don't wait longer, contact Arce's Lawn Service & Landscaping to save you Christmas lights installation.

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